• MKE Baggage Claim

    MKE Baggage Claim

  • MKE Cargo Facility

    MKE Cargo Facility

  • MKE Baggage Claim

    MKE Baggage Claim

  • Aerial View of MKE

    Aerial View of MKE

  • MKE Baggage Claim Canopy

    MKE Baggage Claim Canopy

  • MKE Regional Business Park

    MKE Regional Business Park

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is excited to conclude the preparation of our Master Plan Update, which presents future development at MKE through 2040. This update will ensure the Airport's success long into the future as we continue to support the local community while safely and efficiently accommodating increased aviation activity as demand grows at MKE. As our destinations served, aircraft arrivals and departures, and passenger movements continue to grow, our aviation facilities will need to adapt as well.

An airport master plan is the comprehensive study of the airport that documents the short-term, medium-term, and long-term development needed to meet future aviation demand. It focuses on providing a framework for future airport development, safely and cost-effectively meeting demand, while also considering the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

We have formulated a cohesive and flexible plan that allows the Airport to adapt as the future of aviation evolves. This plan will guide our decision-making as future development needs and opportunities emerge.

As we have communicated our planning process through open house meetings, engagement with our stakeholders, and the availability of our project website, the planning process had the benefit of feedback and input from our community. The links below provide access to the final materials that document the planning process, analyses conducted, conclusions reached, and the future airport development plan.

Technical Appendices

NOTE: The MKE Master Plan Update documents are formatted for double-sided printing.